The Quran’s words are important, but we must also comprehend their significance in addition to that. From social relations to family dynamics to coping with the public or professional spheres, the Holy Quran addresses everything in a person’s life. Now the question is: How can we make sense of what the Quran says? If you wish to learn the Quran Translation in English and Quran Translation in Urdu, you can do that too. By doing this, you won’t have to rely on a translation provided by a third party.

You can enrol in a Translation of Quran course with Online Quran Live academy. In order to better understand the Arabic language and Quranic terminology by learning Quran with Urdu Translation and Quran with English Translation, you will take this course. If you enrol in the Online Quran Live Academy, you’ll quickly improve your Quran interpretation skills. You can deduce what the Quran says using this way. The Online Quran Translation course teaches students about the historical and religious relevance of the Holy Quran. They are better equipped to translate the verses because of their Arabic Grammar teaching. The Arabic words used in the content can then be studied by students.


Islamic Dua course comprises of significance and etiquette of Duas and some important duas for daily life. This is the first step to being a good Muslim. For every Muslim, learning the daily Islamic Dua is essential.

Group Islamic Duas learning may not be the best option for many pupils. Some students may be able to concentrate better in a one-on-one setting. As a result, children’s contact with their teachers can be improved. It’s also easier to focus on recitation because the tutor is only working with one child at a time. For all of these reasons, one-on-one online lessons are an appealing option. Taking online Quran Islamic Supplication course is more convenient than learning the Duas the traditional way.

Quran Translation Online Course

1) Course Duration Depends on Student ability
2) Estimated 2 Hours Per Week
3) Half an Each Lesson
4) Course Material will be Provided

Translation of Quran course Detail

In Quran Translation course You’ll comprehend the meaning of every word in the Holy Quran as soon as you learn how to translate it. Even if you don’t intend to, you can still translate the verses into your local language such as Quran translation in Urdu or Quran translation in English. While listening to the Imam recite verses from the Quran, it’s easy to find oneself translating what he’s saying.

Quran translation word by word is a long and laborious process that takes countless hours of practice. The benefit is that it simplifies the process of learning. If you like to memorize things, it’s a good idea to start with the Quran’s English version.

To fully comprehend Allah’s message, knowing the Quran Urdu translation is essential for us. The translation training, we provide is for Muslims all over the world. As Muslims, we have a responsibility to understand the Quran rather than simply read it. Knowledge the Quran necessitates an understanding of Allah’s commandments and messages. Our Action Plan We use Quran Translation to show students the meaning of each word in the Holy Book. Word-by-word interpretation of the passages can help students better appreciate the Quran’s importance. Course participants report that it has assisted them in overcoming their confusion.

Benefits Of Quran Translation Word By Word

It’s a given that the Quran is important to Muslims. Most importantly, it aids in understanding everything there is to know about the cosmos and life beyond death. To begin, we study Islamic law and how it pertains to various facets of daily life. As a final note, the Holy Quran advises us on every facet of life in one way or another. With no doubt in their hearts, those who are Al-Muttaqoon (pious) will get guidance from this Book (the Quran). By the help of Quran translation course online learn Translation of Quran word by word, so that you can learn the message of your Almighty ALLAH and set your life accordingly.

It is safe to say that the Holy Quran has had a profound impact on our lives. We believe in an afterlife because we’re Muslims. Because it contains all of Allah’s instructions, the Quran is like a giant instruction manual. Even if the lessons in the Quran appear abstract, it is our duty as Muslims to put them into practice in our daily lives. Indeed, if we live according to the Quran’s teachings, we will flourish. Before setting out on a journey, one must learn Quran translation word by word in Urdu and learn the correct Arabic accent and tajweed.

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