Quran Memorization is the wish of every Muslim. It takes both spiritual and physical effort to memorize Quran online. The fact that you can absorb the Qur’an is a miracle and a blessing from Allah. If you want to profit from this blessing, you must be able to accept it, so work hard physically and spiritually to acquire it and enjoy the most significant rewards in this life and the world after here.

One of the ways students can remember the entire Quran is by taking a Hifz Quran course. Your social standing in this world will improve. Quran memorization is something we have a lot of experience in teaching students with. Through the internet, we provide our best services for learning the Quran at home. Home memorization of the Quran is not difficult because we know how to go verse by verse and eventually get to the end.


At first, the student must offer the teacher 30 minutes for classwork until two portions have been memorized. Then, for four days a week, class duration will raise to 60 minutes every day. A student must do all of his scheduled work at home over several days in 60 to 120-minute increments. The Holy Quran takes the average learner three years to memorize online. However, it varies from person to person.


Online Quran Live has a lot of expertise in assisting students with Quran memorization. We provide a straightforward and practical method for a student to memorise the Quran in a short period of time. If a learner is motivated and interested in memorising the Quran, they can achieve this incredible feat. We know how a student grows from verse to verse to the eventual goal.

Sabaq translates to “fresh learning.” The teacher memorizes a few lines from the Holy Quran. The first practice was learning the verses with proper pronunciation and emphasis and then remembering them several times. Our Quran instructor will assist you in memorizing your lesson both during and after class. Before the following class, the student must thoroughly remember this lesson.

Sabaqi (Revision):

Sabaqi refers to the student’s review of earlier lessons from the same juzz they have mastered in recent classes. The student will read aloud, and the teacher will pay attention to what he has to say. Each learner must recite the Sabqi lesson after each new session to fully retain the previous lectures.

Manzil (Revision)

Manzil refers to the revision of any Juzz that the pupil has already memorized. Each lesson, the learner will revise at least half of the Juzz aloud, and the tutor will pay attention. It provides a sense of satisfaction and assurance to both the student and the teacher that the student is memorizing more and more without losing the prior teachings.

You’ll be left with only the old memorization once you’ve memorized everything. This will go on for the rest of your life because maintaining it is a huge responsibility.


In Quran Memorization, we have the ability to absorb it thoroughly. Hifz Quran enables us to reap the maximum benefits from our efforts. Not a simple task. It also requires time. The good news is that there are a few basic methods that can help you memorize it quickly. In this course of Quran for Memorization, students learn to memorize the Quran verse by verse and surah by sub-surah until they are able to memorize the entire Quran. Every verse of the Quran can be recited fluently and clearly by the Quran’s Hafiz, or hafiz. Hifz of Quran, then, is the ability to recite the Quran on your own without having to consult Mushaf (Holy Quran Book).tur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

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