Using the guidance of highly trained Islamic experts of Online Quran Live. This online Islamic Duas course seeks to help Muslim brothers and sisters learn how to properly make Dua in Arabic. Your children will learn how to supplicate (make dua) through private online classes. They will also learn about the Etiquette of Dua, the Importance of Supplication in Islam, and a variety of other daily Duas and Azkar that every Muslim should learn and memorise.

One of the most important acts of worship that Muslims can undertake at any moment of the day is Islamic Supplication, meaning Islamic Dua. According to the Qur’an, the word “Duaa” is used to refer to a prayer of plea or request. As a result, Allah (SWT) and his servants have a stronger connection, and it enables Muslims do their everyday routine duties in the light of Allah’s guidance, and acquire good actions by remembering Allah (SWT) at all times.


Islamic Dua course comprises of significance and etiquette of Duas and some important duas for daily life. This is the first step to being a good Muslim. For every Muslim, learning the daily Islamic Dua is essential.

Group Islamic Duas learning may not be the best option for many pupils. Some students may be able to concentrate better in a one-on-one setting. As a result, children’s contact with their teachers can be improved. It’s also easier to focus on recitation because the tutor is only working with one child at a time. For all of these reasons, one-on-one online lessons are an appealing option. Taking online Quran Islamic Supplication course is more convenient than learning the Duas the traditional way.

The following are the module which we going to teach in that course:

The Significance of Islamic Duas
The Significance of Islamic Duas Verses
How to supplicate (making dua)
Etiquette of Islamic Duas
Masnoon Islamic Duas
Supplications When Waking Up & Sleeping
Supplications When Entering & Exiting the House
Duas When Entering & Exiting the Mosque
Duas For Ablution (Wudu) & Prayer
All other Important Islamic Duas for daily life and revision


People who wish to learn Islamic Duas online are increasingly choosing to learn from us. Lessons on the Duas can be quite successful, especially for children and teenagers. Each letter of the Dua must be learned with Tajweed in order to achieve perfection. In this age of technical growth, online Islamic Dua and Supplication prayer are extremely advantageous, even if the traditional way of Islamic Duas learning is still widely used. First, let’s take a look at why learning Islamic Duas recitation is important. The Glorious Quran is, of course, the most important part of Islamic learning. For their children’s sake, parents are continuously on the lookout for signs that their children are neglecting their studies. It is in the best interest of parents for their children to strive for grades and degrees that will help them land employment and achieve financial success.

Glorifying Dua for Allah

To comply with Allah’s Good Pleasure, equivalent to the mass of His Throne and comparable to the ink, I begin with Allah’s praise, multiplied by the number of His organisms. which can be used in capturing the words, by His Good Enjoyment, equal to the weight of His Throne and the ink, which can be used in recording the words, by His Good Joy, equal to the weight of His King. And the ink that may (for His Praise). (Muslim)


Subhana Allah wa bihamdihi adada khalqihi wa rida nafsihi wa zinata arshihi wa midada kalimatihi.

Best Dua

O our Lord, grant us the good in this life and the next life and keep us safe from the Fire’s retribution. (According to Al-Bukhari and Muslim)


Rabana atina fi dunya hasanatan wa fil akhirati hasanatan wa qina adhaba an-nar.

Dua for Forgiveness

Peace be upon the Prophet (peace be upon him) who said:

“The ideal means of seeking Allah’s pardon is to:

“Allah!” You are the Lord of my life. You are the only one who has the right to be praised. Allah! You created me, and I am your servant, and I do my best to keep your covenant and promise. I’m seeking sanctuary in you about the evil that I’ve done. I recognise your favour toward me and am aware of my misdeeds; therefore, pardon me, for no one can forgive sin save you.”


Allahumma anta rabbi la ilaha illa anta khalaqtani wa an abduk wa ana ala ahdika wa wa’dika ma istata’tu, a’udhu bika min sharri ma sana’tu, abou’ laka bi ni’matika alaya, wa abou’u bi dhanbi, fa-ghfir li, fa innahu la yaghfiru dhunuba illa anta.

If someone recites this invocation in the middle of the night and dies, he will enter Paradise (or he will be from the people of Paradise). He will suffer the same fate if he reads that first thing in the morning and died the next day. ” (Al-Bukhari)

Duas for Protection According to the Prophet,

Nothing will harm him if he recites the following three times every morning and evening: ‘In the Name of Allah, Whose name means “protection from all kinds of harm on earth and in heaven,” and He is the All-Hearing and All-Knowing.’ Abu Dawud and At-Tirmidhi (Abu Dawud and At-Tirmidhi)

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